The Solo kit

Everything you need for single subject lighting

Our award winning PB80 LED redhead is the heart and soul of this kit. These lamps offer exceptional quality of light, are easy to transport and set up. We have taken the hard work out of lighting so you can focus on creating. The Solo kit is available exclusively from either our UK-dealers or International Dealers

PB80 LED with softbox

• 3x PB80 LED dimmable lamphead with

  barndoors and 5600K remote phosphor disc

• Battery plates in either V or Gold mount

• 1x Softbox

• 3x Floorstands and lighting bag

Optional extras

3200K phosphor disc

98Wh batteries

Battery charger

Battery bag

End user report

The media studio houses several sets - a kitchen and a bathroom - where we capture still and video content for our various channels, including on-site, email, and print. As a retailer of high end home improvement products, we needed to emphasize image quality and realism. These were important considerations when determining how to light our sets.


The Platinum Blonde HMIs from Photon Beard fit the bill. Their compact size, ability to run off of 15 amp circuits, and wide beam angle allows us to position them strategically behind our windows to give us a combination of hard and soft light spilling onto set. We took advantage of the massive light output and relatively large beam angle to bounce light off the backside of our set walls into white V-flats, which then return a softer diffused light through the windows, giving us the realism we were looking for.


The quality of light is superb. Minimal green/magenta casts and predictable color temperature makes correction in post an unusually rewarding experience.


Strategically positioned 8x8 silks provide us most of the fill we need by returning the light from our Blonde-lit windows. This usually obviates the need for our 4 bank flo units, which run unnaturally cooler and more magenta.


We’ve been really happy with the results we’ve captured on camera and the Platinum Blonde makes a great, high quality alternative to big brand HMI lights, for an affordable price.


Cameron Farboud

Director of Media Production

In the news

PB80 LED Redhead

Photon Beard will Highlight IBC 2016


IBC 2016, 9-13 September, Stand 12.G38:


IBC 2016 will see the European launch of Photon Beard’s new Highlight LED range.


Through the clever use of remote phosphor technology, the Highlight LED’s feature outstanding colour rendering and television lighting consistency indexes (CRI and TLCI) in 3200K and 5600K colour temperature variants.


In terms of power, the Highlight LED’s have no moving parts and are passively cooled, resulting in lower operating costs and superior ease of use. Available in 90, 180, 270 and 360W variants, the Highlight LED’s relate directly to 2,4,6, and 8 tube fluorescents, but deliver far more ‘punch’ and none of the unnatural skin tones that typical LED fixtures tend to produce.


Photon Beard Managing Director Peter Daffarn said, “The Highlight LED range delivers the genuine power saving advantages of LED to lighting rigs but with no compromise on light quality. By directing more of the light to where it’s needed, very much like a fluorescent fixture, the Highlight LED retains the appropriate level of softness while maximizing efficiency.”


Because of its cool running and high reliability, each fixture comes with a full five-year warranty that includes output level and colour quality. Moreover, because of the Highlight LED’s modular design, all models can be supported with a minimum number of spare light modules for easy replacement in the field.


Photon Beard will also feature its Redhead LED range, which has proven very popular with ENG crews and freelance lighting gaffers.


Photon Beard can be found on Stand 12.G38 at IBC 2016.

Download here

Accompanying photos available here


Videomaker Lighting product of the Year 2015 - PB80 LED Redhead

"This impressive LED from Photon Beard uses a remote phosphor plate and mixing chamber which means it looks and is used more like a traditional tungsten light while being small, lightweight and power-efficient. The 80W LED delivers equivalent output to a 400W bulb. Balanced at 5600k, it has notable color accuracy and a great overall quality of light. Included barn doors, an optional tungsten color plate and the ability to fit all the existing Redhead accessories earns the Photon Beam 80 LED a spot among the Best of 2015."

For more details including how to buy click here


PhotonBeam 80 LED

Peter from Photon Beard talks to us about their portable lighting solutions on their stand at IBC 2015.

Here is a great video that was presented to us by a reviewer in USA. Once again we had no input to the content but we are very happy with the result.

Here is a pretty good video that a reviewer did for the PB80 LED Redhead. We had no input until we saw the final version and were asked if we wanted it.

Only one thing to add it that it can be battery powered from a V or Gold Mount battery as the light needs 11 to 17 VDC.

Peter Daffarn discusses LED lighting at BVE 2015

Here's two videos of Peter describing the new products at IBC 2014

Photon Beard- Quality Of Light. from Matthew Allard ACS on Vimeo.


Photon Beard have been around for 131 years. You might not know the name, but if you have been in film or video production for a few years you will instantly recognise the tungsten Red Head lights which the company is synonymous with. While several companies make Red Heads Photon Beard have a strong claim of being the inventors.


The importance of good light:

Photon Beard say they took a long time to enter the LED market because they believed that a lot of the LED lights did not offer good enough light quality. They spent a lot of time perfecting their LEDs and the result is the PhotonBeam 80 LED. Based on remote phosphor technology the new fixture offers a near full spectrum and a high CRI light output. Interestingly from the outside it looks like an old school redhead - they have adapted their PhotonBeam Redhead casing to offer an LED solution. Consuming just 80W it provides similar output to a 300W openface Redhead. The unit can be powered from mains or 11-17 Volt DC. The PhotonBeam 80 can operate on standard V or Gold mount camera batteries with an additional battery plate that connects to the unit.


A 1x1 with a difference:

Products that look familiar but are now what you expect seems to be the norm at Photon Beard. The Square One light they showed looked just like a traditional 1x1 LED light. The difference is that it is in fact a fluorescent fixture that utilises 12" long 5/8" tubes. It shares the high CRI and soft lighting with which good quality fluorescent fixtures are known for. There are none of the spectral limitations typically associated with similar LED-based fixtures.


Unlike most other Flo lights though the Square One draws only 64W. This means it can be mains or battery powered. One provides more light than comparable fixtures pulling 100W and weighs 2.5kg. A removable set of barn doors are included which can be used to house honeycomb grids, diffusions panels, colour filter gel etc.



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