Assembled in the UK by DSM, the Photon Beard Battery range offers an affordable and effective solution to powering 14.4V/14.8V cameras and other devices such as the Photon Beard PB80 and Square One lights.


The Li-Ion batteries are available in 98Wh V Mount and Gold Mount and the 160Wh in V.Mount. Each battery has an accurate power level meter on the side of the unit, with a simple one touch function to show how much charge is left. The battery cells are manufactured by Panasonic Japan and matched. The heavy duty casings are moulded in a super strong GE ABS/PC plastic alloy.

Catalogue numbers:


PBV98 - 98Wh V Mount

PBGM98 - 98Wh Gold Mount

PBV160 - 160Wh V Mount


The DSM manufactured charger units provide three types of charger designed to handled a varied load. They are available in single, twin, and 4 way decks. Designed to be used with Gold Mount or V Mount 14.8V Li-Ion batteries.

NB Batteries sold separately

Catalogue numbers:


PBV1 - Single V Mount


PBV2S - 2 Way V Mount


PBV4S-  4 Way V Mount

PBGM1 - Single Gold Mount


PBGM2S - 2 Way Gold Mount


PBGM4S-  4 Way Gold Mount

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