In recent years, there has been a push for LED lighting as the only energy-efficient solution for TV studios.  We consider LED to be an interesting light source but one that has not yet reached a point at which it should be considered above all other solutions.


Fluorescent lighting for TV is still currently more efficient and certainly more cost-effective then LED.

It is important to clarify that energy-efficient lighting for broadcast use is not suitable as the only lighting source for large production studios, drama studios and light entertainment programmes. It is, however, ideal for news, interviews, sports desks, weather sets and, of course, is perfect for virtual studios, chromakey or blue/green screen sets.

When comparing the cost of your investment, you need to consider factors such as long-term running costs against purchase price.  It can be surprising that even when comparing a conventional tungsten light against a good quality LED the payback time can be as long as 6 years.  This is after you factor in high energy costs and lamp replacements for your tungsten light.


So you will not save any money for at least 6 years and if you change things before then, you run the risk of losing money.

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