Phase control dimming to operate from conventional forward/leading edge dimmers. Ideal for replacing tungsten lighting in existing studios, each luminaire includes a switchable ballast load resistor of 38 watts for stable triac dimming.


Local dimming is the most economical option where remote control is not required. Each Highlight has a local fader to allow full dimming from 100% to 5% with near constant colour temperature.


DMX 512 dimming is the industry standard for larger systems. Local dimming works independently of the DMX input and dims all the lamps together. DMX dimming can be set in two ways: one address for the whole luminaire, so all lamps dim together, or one address per pair of lamps, so pairs of lamps can be controlled independently. Lamps can be dimmed down to approximately 1%brightness


Because address setting is manual, it can be set independent of mains power. There is a DMX received indicator and at least 32 luminaires (usually 50) can be connected before signal boosting is required. Should the DMX signal fail, the last level is held.

DMX dimming
DMX dimming
DMX dimming

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