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Making light work since 1882

With our many years of experience, we are able to design the best lighting system for your requirements.


If you already have a set design in place, we can work with that to prepare the best range of equipment.  However, even if you just have a bare studio space but wish to equip it with a good range of lighting equipment for general use we can assist and advise.


There are many choices to be made such as type of suspension system, choice of curtains and how many of which colour, choice of luminaries, dimmers, size and complexity of control system and number of control channels and/or faders and not least, which accessories are useful and/or required?


Every studio is different

Every customer needs different things from their studio


With our experience, we can guide you along the complex path and you can be assured that we take pride in our reputation; if we consider a competitor's product is the correct choice, we will include this in our design.









Tel +44(0)1525 850911

Tel +44(0)1525 850911

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