Silent dimming means more flexibility and reduced cost


The new generation of silent dimmers from Photon Beard feature IgbT (insulated gate bi-polar transistor) devices, which eliminate the heavy, noisy chokes of conventional triac dimmers.

Because they are silent in operation, these dimmers can be brought onto the set or distributed throughout the lighting rig close to the luminaires they serve. This greatly reduces the cost of fixed installations because as there is no need for a separate dimmer room, patch panels or dedicated cable runs.


Convenient in use


All controls are direct on the panel; there are no menus to navigate or codes to remember. Each channel has a resettable electronic fuse operating a two pole contactor, so in the event of a channel overload, the connected luminaire is completely isolated, which is shown on the channel status indicator. Pressing the reset button resets all unset channels without affecting channels already operating.


The input current is automatically limited (16A or 32A according to model, [see below]), to prevent unwanted tripping of the overload breaker. When the current limiter operates, the power indicator flashes and the current is automatically held at the maximum.


Versatile control


Preheat can be set to ON in which case the lamp filaments of luminaires will glow red at the minimum setting, a useful indication that the luminaires are live. If preheat is set to OFF, there will be no channel outputs at the minimum fader settings. Soft start can be set to OFF for flashing applications, or to ON to maximise lamp life. Each channel has its own test switch to take the output to full power. External control is by industry standard DMX with in/out connection via XLR5 connectors. The address is set by rotary switches, so it is not necessary to have power connected in order to set the start address.


Four-channel studio models


There are two variants, each featuring four channels of up to 2kW per channel: 16 amp model: fitted with a 16 amp blue CEEform plug and a 16 amp residual current overload breaker, with current limiting set at 16 amps, it is possible to draw up to 2kW per channel, with an overall maximum of 3.5kW at 220 volts (3.8kW at 240 volts); 32 amp model: fitted with a 32 amp blue CEEform plug and a 32 amp residual current overload breaker, with current limiting set at 32 amps, it is possible to draw up to 2kW per channel, with an overall maximum of 7kW at 220 volts (7.6kW at 240 volts). In all other respects, the two variants are identical.




Power input: 220/240v 1 metre tough rubber sheathed tail fitted with 3-pin blue CEEform plug (16A or 32A according to model)


Power output: one 3 pin 16 amp blue CEEform socket per channel


Mounting: two M10 bushes in the top surface of the case, maximum screw depth 30mm.


Safety bonding: one 20 mm diameter hole at each end of the case to take wire safety bonds.


Heavy gauge metal construction with rubberised ABS plastic side buffers ensures protection of the unit.


Size: 400 mm wide x 237 mm deep x 164 mm high (16" x 91/2" x 61/2").   Weight: 8 kg (17 lb 10 oz)



Single channel 1 kW kit version


Suitable for use with tungsten luminaires up to 1kW such as our 800W PhotonBeam "Redheads". The silent dimmers can be placed at the most convenient point for you to control your lighting - even if that is on the camera tripod!



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