The Wi-Light System


The system was primarily designed as an add-on to the Photon Beard DMX controlled devices such as Highlights and Dimmers.


Wi-Light consists of two basic components:


A master transmit/receive module, which can be located at studio floor level.  Individual receive modules or “dongles” added to each light source or dimmer. The master unit can also be configured as a receiver for

point-to-point links or as a repeater to cover wider areas. Transmitter range can vary, but is generally up to 300 feet, which is adequate in most installations and can be extended using repeaters.


The small receiver module or “dongle” fits to the device and is controlled via a plug-in port.  This makes it very simple to install using only a small screw driver. All further set-up instructions are either automatic or transmitted via wireless from the master module.


The master unit provides the entry port for the system and takes a conventional DMX512 data stream from a standard control desk. An assignable block of channels are selected from the input stream and transmitted via wireless. The original address positions of each channel in the block are preserved. This means the user can set the receive address on each light source in the usual way.


The basic DMX512 standard sends data continuously, even when nothing has changed. This redundant data is extremely wasteful in a wireless system so the Wi- Light transmitter filters out only the levels that have changed. Data is then transmitted in “packets” using a special protocol designed to make the best use of wireless control in a lighting application.

All parts of the Wi-Light system are bi-directional – this means that the master can request information from a receiver, which can then transmit an answer. Each Wi-Light unit contains a unique identity, which is added to all transmissions.


To close the network and eliminate interference, each receiver can be remotely set to respond to only one transmitter.


Key features of the system are:


  -Uses the 2.4GHz wireless band approved in all parts of the world.

  -Has built-in Wi-Fi immunity and can be used in Wi-Fi areas.

  -Closed network setting allows other Wi-Light networks to work nearby

    without interference.

  -Error checking prevents corrupt data being recognised at the receiver.

  -Network protocol ensures reliable connection

  -Simple set-up controls.

  -Accepts standard DMX512 signals as input.


  -Coverage is expandable using repeaters.

  -Can be used as a standalone wireless control link.

DMX distribution



Smart splitter


The smart splitter is designed to make the distribution of DMX512 data easy and trouble free. Available in 19" rack mount and rig box for hanging on a truss. The DMX512 input data is optically isolated from the output section, which divides the data into five separate buffered outputs. This allows DMX to be sent to any point without the need to "daisy chain" through all the receivers and thus simplifies cable runs and data distribution. DMX data is also looped through to an additional output so, in the event of a power failure to the unit, data will still be passed through. The Smart Splitter also auto-terminates the DMX line.




DMX Link Cables


DMX512 type are fitted with XLR5 male & female connectors with 5-wire (full implementation) connection. Sheath colour is black.




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