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Photon Beard manufactures a family of Tungsten Fresnel luminaires for use in both the studio or ENG (Electronic News gathering) applications.


Starting with a very small and compact 300W head the family includes a 650W, 1kW and 2kW.


The 650W will accept 300W and 500W lamps if required.


All Photon Beard Tungsten heads feature our unique Anti Surge technology that limits the inrush current on cold switch on.  This helps to reduce the stress on the lamp filament and leads to improved lamp life.




Fresnel Spotlight 300W

A very compact and versatile fresnel spotlight, which is equally useful in the studio and on location, with a wide focus ratio (6:1) and a beam angle from 15-60 degrees.


UK version includes 300W lamp, with easy lamp changing by quick

release lamptray. Power input is by 6 metre cable with in-line switch (fused on EUR version).




PhotonSpot 650W, 1kW & 2kW


Fresnel Lens, Focus Floodlight

Introducing a range of tungsten Fresnels, which complement our studio lighting portfolio. The new products offer Photon Beard's customary dependable design and construction coupled with an innovative application of lamp technology and optical design.


The lamp heads are manufactured from aluminium extrusions and aluminium sheet for low weight, quicker cooling and compact size, and come complete with pole operated focus as standard.

PhotonSpot 2kW








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Mini beam


PhotonSpot 650


PhotonSpot 1kW


Tel +44(0)1525 850911

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