Our installation services range from providing a full turn-key solution to simply writing some instructions in an email. Below are the normal ranges we offer.



Full Turn-key package


From design to handover including:


Electrical distribution system, cable size calculations, containment system, socket outlets

Lighting suspension system and any sub-grid required to safely handle the load distribution

Installation labour to complete the work safely and in accordance with the relevant International and local regulations.

Commissioning of the entire system to ensure full and correct operation

Training in operation and maintenance (see note below regarding artistic training)

Handover of completed system to the client


Alternatively you may simply require installation supervision for your local team.

The most basic of our services is simply the provision of installation instructions.


Artistic training


As a manufacturer of lighting equipment for entertainment services, we have a good understanding of how to use our products both from a technical and an artistic viewpoint.


However, we are not working and experienced Lighting Directors or Directors of Photography and therefore we prefer to recommend an entertainment lighting professional who is experienced in your line of production to perform any artistic training you may desire. We do not charge for this service; our role will be to introduce you to each other and let you agree the rest.



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