Radiant 170 Soft Spot


The Radiant 170 is a true fluorescent spotlight, ideal as a key or back light, or wherever long throws are required.The soft edge beam and 4000K lamps are particularly flattering to skin tones and texture. It is the perfect complement to the Highlight series, offering the same advantages of low power consumption and cool running.


The 170 version uses four 42Watt lamps and a more specular reflector to give better performance, though the lamphead can be fitted with 32Watt lamps to give a Radiant 130, if preferred.




Radiant 170 Honeycomb Spot Grid


Used as a light shaping tool to reduce the beam angle and thus increase the

spotlighting effect, or to prevent flare from backlights.


Fits directly to the reflector rim.

Weight: 1.1kg (2lb 7oz)

Radiant 170 Soft Spot
Radiant 170 Honeycomb Spot Grid

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