Features eight 12" long 5/8" diameter fluorescent tubes that deliver optimum broadcast quality light with none of the spectral limitations typically associated with similar LED-based fixtures.


At only 64W The Square One provides more light than comparable fixtures pulling 100W and is available as mains, 90-260V 50/60Hz via detachable power supply or battery powered via a rear panel V or Gold mount.


Whichever power option you are using there is a rotatable dimmer on the rear panel for greater control.


Each Square one comes as standard with one set of Osram broadcast quality tubes in either Tungsten or Daylight balanced colour temperature.


There is a detachable stirrup which has a 16mm socket attached.  Once the stirrup is removed you can quickly fit the 16mm socket onto one side to give you a very compact mounting option for reduced space locations such as car interiors.


A removable set of barn doors are included which can be used to house honeycomb grids, diffusions panels, colour filter gel etc.


Size 326 x 329 x 72 mm                            Weight is 2.5Kgs

Mounting via 16mm socket

Square One
Square One lit
Square One Barn doors

Square One Accessories


Case F837


A padded soft case with wheels and an extending handle, and well as a shoulder strap, to transport a

single Square One with accessories.


Square One case
Square One side view

Battery Plates


A8805 V Mount Battery plate fits in place of the mains adaptor plate for use with V mount batteries.

A8806 Gold Mount Battery plate fits in place of the mains adaptor plate for use with Gold Mount



NB We recommend using batteries with a capacity of 98 Wh or greater.

Square One case
Square One Battery plate
Square One Battery plate
Square One Battery attached

Snap Grid


A8808 DoP Choice Snap Grid.

A folding fabric 40 Degree grid

for reducing spill light, which fits in to

the Case F837.



Square One snap grid

Honeycomb (not shown)


A8753 A rigid 40 Degree honeycomb grid which attaches to the Square One barndoors.

(Will not fit in to Case F837).

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