Whether you contract us directly or work with one of our system integrators, we can assure you that your solution will be unique to your needs and fit around how you work.


We can of course give some accurate costs based on studio size alone but this is only part of the story.  When we have the full details of your studio space including the dimensions - height is equally important as length and width - we can begin to prepare an estimate for your requirements.


If you have a set design then this is very good because we can work with that.  If you have a Lighting Director then even better - we can discuss with them the best solution.


Please also remember that the sooner you get us involved, the better it is for your budget.  It is very common for architects and builders to only assume the ceiling needs to take a normal load so by the time you want to put a lighting grid in you have the extra expense of providing a sub-grid to take the load.  With our help, you can get it right from the start.

Tungsten Lighting

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