Data Sheets

Highlight Studio Fluorescent Range

Highlight LED Range

Photonbeam 80 LED Redhead

Highlight accessories range

Platinum Blonde HMI

Tungsten open face range

Suspension systems

The Solo Kit

Product instructions

4 Channel Dimmer

4 Channel Non Dimmer

Photon Beard Highlight Box Intensifers Assembly Instructions

Photon Beard Highlight cyclorama hood Assembly Instructions

Photon filter colour effects pack

Photon filter colour correction pack

Wiring of 16 amp in-line switch unit Part no. 71301 and fused switch Part no. 71304

Instructions for assembling reflector for Photon Beard highlight radiant 170

PhotonSpot 1000T Operating Instructions

PhotonSpot 2000T Operating Instructions

PhotonBeam 800 & 1000 models instructions for use

Photon Beard Highlight Dimmable Models instructions for use

Photon Beard Softspot switch and dimmer control lampheads Instructions for use

Square One instructions for use

WiLight System setup

Operating instructions for IGBT in line Dimmer

PhotonSpot 300T Operating instructions

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