Dimming and Control Options

Control equipment

Basic control desks are available from 6 channels using DMX and move quickly through all the sizes to large multi channel memory desks with moving light capability, ethernet and DMX control, multi-screen VDU's etc. The choice is wide and varied but after a short discussion, we can offer you the most appropriate control desk for your application.

Dimming Equipment

Local dimming is the most economical option where remote control is not required. Each Highlight has a local fader to allow full dimming from 100% to 5% with near constant colour temperature.

DMX 512 dimming is the industry standard for larger systems. Local dimming works independently of the DMX input and dims all the lamps together. DMX dimming can be set in two ways: one address for the whole luminaire, so all lamps dim together, or one address per pair of lamps, so pairs of lamps can be controlled independently. Lamps can be dimmed down to approximately 1%brightness

Because address setting is manual, it can be set independent of mains power. There is a DMX received indicator and at least 32 luminaires (usually 50) can be connected before signal boosting is required. Should the DMX signal fail, the last level is held.  

DMX distribution

Smart splitter
The smart splitter is designed to make the distribution of DMX512 data easy and trouble free. Available in 19" rack mount and rig box for hanging on a truss. The DMX512 input data is optically isolated from the output section, which divides the data into five separate buffered outputs. This allows DMX to be sent to any point without the need to "daisy chain" through all the receivers and thus simplifies cable runs and data distribution. DMX data is also looped through to an additional output so, in the event of a power failure to the unit, data will still be passed through. The Smart Splitter also auto-terminates the DMX line.  

DMX Link Cables DMX512 type are fitted with XLR5 male & female connectors with 5-wire (full implementation) connection. Sheath colour is black.