Hard lights

LED Redhead

The PhotonBeam PB80

The PB80 uses remote phosphor to deliver superb quality of light for image capture uses.  Tested by Alan Roberts for the Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) it scored 95 for the daylight disc and 84 for the tungsten disc.

We have adapted our PhotonBeam 800W Redhead to offer an 80W LED solution which gives similar light output to a 400W tungsten redhead.  In fact if you were to add a gel or dichroic to your conventional redhead you would get similar output to our new daylight PB80.

The unit is supplied as standard with the daylight (5600K) disc and tungsten (3000K) discs are available as an accessory if required and these can be changed in a matter of seconds. Powered from a universal mains PSU or via batteries at 11-17 VDC the PhotonBeam 80 can operate on standard V or Gold mount camera batteries.

The unit is supplied complete with head, 1 x daylight phosphor sheet, barndoors and universal PSU for 90 to 260V 50/60Hz
Optional accessories are the battery mounts - V or Gold mount, tungsten phosphor disc.
All the traditional Redhead accessories will fit such as soft boxes, scrims etc.
This product is also available as a 2, 3 or 4 head kit.

All the lights shown on this page and their associated accessories can be purchased from our webshop

Three head kit

Read VideoMaker's review


Here is a pretty good video that a reviewer did for the PB80 LED Redhead. We had no input until we saw the final version and were asked if we wanted it.Only one thing to add it that it can be battery powered from a V or Gold Mount battery as the light needs 11 to 17 VDC.

Click here to read the review of the PB 80 by Phil Rodes for Redshark News.

"The Photon Beard Redhead and the Litepanel are lovely lights in every sense, battery or not: extremely versatile, beautiful output, easy to work with, low consumption and very reliable."

Franz Pagot AIC MBKS Cinematographer BAFTA

"The Photon Beard Redhead with remote phosphor is just a lovely piece of predictable retro kit."

Geoff Boyle FBKSCinematographer www.gboyle.co.uk

HMI Lighting

Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde 1.2kW A 1200W HMI linear lamp in an open face format that is ideal for any requirements where raw output is required such as for use as a bounce light or for punching through some diffusion to create a very soft, powerful daylight source. Because it is only 1200W it can be powered from virtually any domestic supply worldwide and is also excellent for use with small generators for location and mobile shooting.

All the lights shown on this page and their associated accessories can be purchased from our webshop

The Platinum Blonde is a light based on tried and tested technology.We have taken a much used, and widely available lamp, the double ended 1200W HMI, and utilized the housing of our 2kW Tungsten Blonde. The result is a lightweight, portable, high output, low cost daylight source with known colour characteristics, and great quality of light.  Controls on the lamphead are kept to a minimum to reduce weight, and consist solely of a focus knob, with the on/off function being controlled from the ballast.

It is available as a complete system including lamphead with lamp, barndoors, attached header cable, and a 575/1200W electronic ballast. The ballast is wired with the standardized pin configuration. It can also be supplied as a lamphead complete as above, but without ballast. The Platinum Blonde is available in two options The head only is supplied with barndoors, head to ballast cable and 1.2kW HMI lamp. The complete system option adds a 575/1200W electronic ballast.

Here is a great video that was presented to us by a reviewer in USA. Once again we had no input to the content but we are very happy with the result.