Suspension Systems

Tracking Suspension Systems

Photon Beard can design, supply, install and commission your suspension system from a simple individual luminaire to a fully motorised, memory-controlled, production studio with lighting hoists.

We work with specialist suspension suppliers such as Doughty or MTS who are able to offer a complete and comprehensive range of suspension.

Designing a complete suspension system can be a difficult process so why not allow Photon Beard to take the strain – send us a drawing of your studio (or even just the dimensions, including the height) – and we can prepare a quotation to include all the items you will need for a safe and secure suspension system.


Lighting hoists come in many variants and need careful consideration to ensure they safely meet your needs.  Therefore, Photon Beard are pleased to work with industry specialist companies such as Doughty or Movie Tech to offer you the most appropriate solution for your studio.

Hoists can be anything from a simple raise/lower bar to a memory-controlled trackable hoist with wireless control, built-in dimmers and DMX distribution

After discussing your requirements, we can assist with the correct choice.

Wired bars

Standard Lighting Bars

The universal range of internally wired lighting bars with a wide selection of variants and options.

Manufactured in 48.3 mm OD 4.5 mm wall aluminium tubingBars over 6 metres long prefabricated fully wired with steel joinerBars custom made any length, any socket spacing15A, 13A, 16A CEE17, 10A IEC, 10/16A French or German style Schuko sockets on ABS rigidly mounted enclosures.

End or side mounted boxes with DIN rail terminals, Socapex or Lectriflex inletOptions with end collar and flexible conduit or multi-core cable inlet.

DMX can be integrated using high voltage sheathed screened ring wired cable and outlet boxes with either built in jumper or to use loose jumper.

Bars can be manufactured curved.

Bars can be powder coated in a wide range of finishes.

All bars manufactured and tested in accordance with EN 60439-1 and CE marked under the Low Voltage Directive.

Standard suspension kits meet the needs of many typical installations.


Spring Pantographs

The Doughty spring Pantographs have been designed to be lightweight and compact, with strength, safety and ease of use being the main features. Loads from 5 to 36 kg can be suspended from overhead tracks or barrels and quickly positioned with height ranges of 2.2 to 5 metres.

  • Eight models, with travel ranges from 2.2 to 5 metres
  • Comprehensive range of end fittings-Easy to use, ergonomic design
  • Very compact closed height-Heavy gauge high tensile side arms
  • Heavy duty cable clips to take one power lead plus one signal lead
  • -Very compact closed height-Heavy gauge high tensile side arms
  • Two spring version available for 5 to 20 kg SWL
Doughty Spring Pantograph
Doughty Pantographs

Pantographs are fitted as standard with a Doughty Quick Receiver, which accepts and holds captive 28mm DIN or Euro spigots whilst allowing 360 rotation.

Pole-operated Pantographs
Doughty pole-operated Pantograph

The MTS range of  Pole-operated Pantographs are made of stable, powder-coated, high-precision, lightweight aluminium extrusions that provide a high level of twist rigidity. Guide plates above and below ensure high stability and low rocking of the extended pantographs. Both longitudinal axles are extremely precise, thus keeping radial deviations at an absolute minimum.

Suspension Accessories

A full range of lighting accessories to complete your lighting requirements are available through Photon Beard with several of the most popular accessories now available from our online shop.  We work closely with both Doughty and MTS to be able to offer a comprehensive range of accessories.

The list of items available is almost endless so rather than filling page after page with photos and descriptions we simply ask that you contact us with what you need and we can find a solution.